As a tribal coalition, CSVANW does not provide emergency or direct services.  If you are in an unsafe situation or need immediate assistance please dial 911.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the CSVANW (Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women) is to eradicate violence against Native women and children by championing social change within our communities. We are dedicated to taking responsibility for the future wellbeing of Native women and children. Through the pillars of support, education, and advocacy, we leverage our collective strengths, power, and unity towards the creation of violence-free communities. Our vision encapsulates the essence of our efforts: fostering Healthy Families, Healthy Communities. This vision guides our commitment to healing and transforming our communities into safe, nurturing spaces for the growth and prosperity of all its members.

Our History

Organized in 1996 by three founding Native women, Peggy Bird (Kewa), Darlene Correa (Laguna Pueblo) and Genne James (Navajo), the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women (CSVANW) was created to provide support to other Native advocates working in domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking and sex trafficking in New Mexico’s tribal communities. Their single goal: to eliminate violence against Native women and children.

Over two decades later, CSVANW continues to be a resource for training, advocate support, technical assistance and policy advocacy. CSVANW has also aided in supportive collaborations with tribal leadership to further develop and promote tribal, federal, state and local legislation, and policies that cultivate best-practices for responding to violent crimes against Native women and children.


CSVANW is an award winning organization at the forefront to a dynamic approach to the tribal domestic and sexual violence fields that is demonstrating the most effective, creative and innovative ways to address and prevent the cycle of violence within tribal communities.

CSVANW has four main areas of focus:

Technical Assistance
Policy Advocacy
The approach CSVANW takes is informed by one fundamental value: work to engage tribal communities and community solutions organically through developing meaningful and authentic partnerships and relationships based on respect.